After All This Time

Her eyes first looked up.

pinpointing the ceiling fans.

She smelled the jewelry rusting on her fingers

Relaxing on the air.


She looked to her right.

Fences guarding homes behind sturdy walls.

Some family is co-existing together loving each

other because they have to and that is where she was

heading with him.


She then looked down.

Took a bite from the sushi roll she ordered and when

The waiter asked her if she wanted another vodka

He answered for her:

“She’ll have a water.”


After, she looked to her left.

For the first time she realized he was

Holding his breath. He was no longer


After 6 years there was nothing left to say. He was existing

across from her at arms reach but her arms were focused on

the door.


then she looked at his eyes.

The tension carried a type of obedience that neither

Pulled nor carried. She made her own choice.

She took a drink from the water. She wasn’t quite sure when it got to the table.

He said nothing. he looked at her adoringly. She was quiet and to him, that was who

She was.

She caught a glimpse of her own eyes in the spotted silverware.

When this relationship ended, would she be wearing white or black?


She walked out at that point.




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