To No (some) One in Particular.

Up until now,

It was only death who held me

Strong enough to transfer the mind to an alternate


But you-

You are a different kind of energy.

Never to be destroyed only to be recreated.

Death means nothing.

Come back to me in Sequoia.

I’ll search the park till I can find you in the tallest

Redwood giant-

and I’ll come back as Evalyn’s Jewel Flower.

Let me grow near you

Reminiscent of the time we were both somewhere else.

Keep growing with me.

Energy cannot be destroyed

and I could only infer after all this

that love is energy, and like time,

our species attempted to mold it into something

manageable and tangible

time and love could be our secret.

The thing with that is-

It’s ours to mold,

to change,

to recreate

over and over.

Love is describable counter to what I’ve believed

love is a human construct of having too much

energy and forcing it into neat boxes

(some greater than others).

So instead,

let’s burnout.

Light every fire on our way.

Life is not a one-way road

let’s break it in half and drive underneath it,

upside down strait toward death.

Up until now,

it was only death that held a bond strong enough

to transfer the mind to an alternate state of being

up until now,

I thought death meant the end


I’ll see you on the other side. Death by my side

she remains purely a supervisor

she smiled-

and only asks

“Where to next?”



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