Pointless Poetry

We look to poetry

To open our eyes,

Reveal a truth, or maybe

Find similar “answers” that agree with

What we have thought about

Our whole lives.

It’s pointless.

It takes away from the fact that you have your own

Opinions based on living experiences.

Poetry is a lost art that at some point we took too seriously.

I admit: I am in love with poetry.

(for pointless poetry’s sake)

poetry is the lover that fucked me and left me

with the taste of vodka in my mouth.

It took me so long to forget him because I thought it was love.

Half of poetry is opinions of people who have a narcissistic habit to write down

Their lives.

Living the way they believe a poet should live.

A bunch of liars.

The other half are people trying to write what they believe people will read.

No one reads.

Literature is dead because it is a confused way of communication.

And yes, this poem is hypocritical.

After all I’m still writing.

Taking no action

Taking no stand.

No profundity.

Just having a conversation with you. No editing.

Sharing a bus with you, rambling on and you

Looking at me like I’m crazy.

That’s okay. I might be. I like your opinion because it’s yours.


Read pointless poetry because you enjoy it. Sure.

Write pointless poetry because we’re fucken lost.

But we love it.



One Comment Add yours

  1. shreyakhetan says:

    You just voiced my thoughts . I feel this poem on a very high level


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