That Time They Told Me I Was Beautiful

We can make a movie about last night.

I want you to be the star of the show—

Yeah you. It’ll be great.

Here, take this—

Don’t mind the people. They’re all going to

Love you.


(Enter hotel)


there is red tangled carpet with footprints

of its past.

there are no high heels.

Sally Rand, feathers and all on the wall above a broken chair.

they have no role models.

I hear:

“i only need 10 minuets.”


“do you love her?”


“how much?”




“can I have a room please?”

“you’re not like the rest of them” she slurred

I nodded.


Room 412; steps 1, 2, 3 ,4; stairs 4, 3, 2, 1; stop, turn left.

self note: don’t touch anything.


the stairs groaned from the weight of guilt held by the visitors.

The groans are louder than the laughs

at the bar.

There was no bartender and I guess it was bring your own escape.


i could feel

eyes and

bodies only moving

I wondered who they all belonged to.


I came to a Golden knob with treasures inside. This is the perfect place to hide.

from what?

no fish in the cracked tank, a no fishing sign someone didn’t listen to, just human necessities.


I waited.


he look down at my bruised knees.

I could be beautiful-

A lawyers wife.

“are you ready?” he almost spoke but I mostly read his lips

I nodded.


this naked body is an empty vessel trying to find a port across an

unexplored universe.

I think this is the new frontier.

I think I need to go.

You really do find love in strange places.


(Leave hotel)



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